Capuz soldador em Marlan

Product Description

Welder hood made of Marlan fabric developed for welding and similar processes.

Ideal for activities that involve molten metal projection at 1,400 °C, and welding and similar processes.

Weight 310 g/m² +/- 5%. Composed of 50% Lenzing® FR, 30% wool and 20% aliphatic polyamide in blue.

It comes with a flap over the shoulders, 1 groove on the sides of the flap. Front closure by black velcro measuring 19cm.

The HJ230CPC05 model has a rubber band on the upper front and back side for better adjustment to the user's face.

Compliant to Norms: ISO11611/ ISO11612

Product available in two options:
• HJ230CPC01: Velcro closure
• HJ230CPC05: With rubber band and Velcro closure

Download the technical sheet and the CA here