Ansell represents one of the world’s largest companies providing protective solutions, operating in the construction, automotive, metalworking, oil and gas, utilities, electronics, chemical and pharmaceutical products segments.

We are responsible for delivering the best in protection to the end user. With sales of more than $1.4 billion and over 12,000 employees in 33 countries, we offer complete global coverage in each of our businesses: Medical, Industrial, Specialty Markets.

The production base for the gloves is focused on highly efficient locations such as Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil and Mexico. The group is also listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: ANN), with a market capitalization of over $1.8 billion.


It is part of our strategic planning and qualified growth to diversify our portfolio and operate in new businesses. Proof of that are the acquisitions and new businesses in which Ansell operates.

Present in Brazil since 1996, it stands out as one of the main companies in the hand protection segment. Currently, in addition to the Ansell headquarters, the group also comprises the company Hércules.

Since December 2012, we joined forces with Hércules, a private company that employs about 350 people and has sales of about USD30 million. One of the largest and most respected Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) companies in Brazil, with a large plant located in the metropolitan region of São Paulo.

Its product line includes equipment for firefighters, the military, first responders, protective clothing, fall protection equipment, and confined space. Serving strategic sectors, (Civil Construction, Military and First Responders, Mining and Oil & Gas) while strengthening our presence in one of the largest emerging markets in the world.