Capuz protetor facial

Product Description

Hood made of KCA fabric (para-aramid aluminized carbon). Excellent protection to radiated heat. Weight 515 g/m². Lined with flame resistant fabric, it has para-aramid thread stitching.

Ideal for activities with exposure to radiant heat and splashing of molten metal up to 1,600 °C.

Compliant to Standards: ISO11611/ ISO11612.

Product available in three options:
HJ53700 - CA: 28.213

Features a green polycarbonate visor on the front.
HJ53702 - CA: 39.393

It has a fixed colorless polycarbonate viewfinder.
HJ53703 - CA: 38.386

Hood with Marlan fabric on the upper part with grammage of 310 g/m².
HJ53705 - CA: 39.868

Double viewfinder TP/VD - Fixed clear polycarbonate visor and green polycarbonate visor with golden tilting film.

Download the technical sheet and the CA here