Welding bib apron in KCA

Product Description

Welding bib apron in KCA fabric (aluminized carbon aramid), with liner.

Designed for activities with splash projection of molten liquid metal up to 1,400 °C. Protection of the torso against thermal agents (small flames,
contact, convective, radiant heat and molten metals) and against abrasive, scorching and thermal agents from welding operations and similar processes.

It has an opening in the back andadjustment in the waist and neck region. Lining in flame resistant
fabric and sewn in para-aramid thread.

It has 3 size options:
• HJ52503TPQ - 0.90 m x 0.70 m
• HJ52503TMD - 1.00 m x 0.70 m
• HJ52503TGD - 1.20 m x 0.70 m

Compliant to Standards: ISO11611/

Download the technical sheet and the CA here