Retractable Duct

Product Description

Retractable duct for blower/exhauster designed for maximum efficiency in directing air.
Meets ASTM 227 specifications.

This equipment should not be used in hazardous areas. Do not use as a blower in cases of possibility of particles suspended in the air and welding.

Product available in six options:

20 cm diameter
• HECV2D2045: Length 4.5 meters
• HECV2D2075: Length 7,5 meters
Diameter of 30 cm
• HECV2D3045: Length 4.5 meters
• HECV2D3075: Length 7,5 meters
Diameter of 40 cm
• HECV2D4045: Lenght 4.5 meters
• HECV2D4075: Length 7.5 meters

Compliant to NR33

Download the technical sheet and the CA here