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Can I use the Hercules belt for my employee weighing more than 100 kg?

Yes. We conclude that Hercules harnesses can be used for people over 100 kg. And what we need to take into account are the other issues involved in working at heights, such as a fall factor and the release of occupational medicine for the individual who will work using the equipment.

Can I use the Hercules belt with a lanyard or fall arrester from another brand?

No. For CA acquisition by the Ministry of Labor, all equipment is sent together for certification tests, a given company will only send its own equipment for approval, by this reason ends up being mandatory the use of equipment from the same manufacturer. When consulting your CAs with the Ministry of Labor, we find which equipment is related and can be combined.

Does the fall arrester have a certificate of approval (CA)?

No. Considering the publication of SIT Ordinance No. 292 of 12/08/2011, which amended item I of Annex I of Regulatory Standard No. 06, NR-06, in order to consider personal protection equipment against falls with a difference in level only the safety belt with a fall arrest device and/or a lanyard, was no longer considered as PPE, for the purpose of obtaining a Certificate of Approval – CA, the “arrest device falls”. In other words, based on this new system, the fall arrest device no longer has a CA.
In this way, only the harness has the Certificate of Approval, but fall arrest devices with CA are still valid for use.

My certificate of approval (CA) has expired, can I use the equipment?

Yes. It can be seen that the validity of the CA is linked to the commercialization of certified PPEs, as expressed in Technical Note No. 146/2015/CGNOR/DSST/SIT/MTE 3 . Therefore, to be marketed, the EPI must have a valid CA. The employer/consumer must consult the Certificate of Approval (CA) upon purchase, to verify the validity of the equipment, considering that NR-06 establishes and it is their obligation to provide only PPE certified by the MTE.

How can I buy from Hercules?

It’s very simple. Please contact one of our distributors. Our distribution network is present throughout Brazil to better serve you.

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