Electrical Arc Flash Clothing Features (HJ230NAFC and HJ240NAFC)

by | 17/09/2020

We know how important is the work of professionals who are exposed to the risk of electric arc, and as important as the professionals being trained and qualified is to have the appropriate PPE for the risk. That’s why in our tip today we will talk about the characteristics of the fabric of the clothing for Arco Elétrico.

Knowing a little more about the characteristics of the clothing fabric provides professionals with more reliability and safety in their protection. Our garment is made of 48% modacrylic, 37% cotton and 15% aramid fabric, a fabric with excellent properties for resistance to electric arc (9.4 cal/cm²) besides providing thermal comfort and meeting NR10 requirements.

Important: The cotton fiber receives no treatment, it acquires inherent property. During the manufacture of the fiber, the FR polymer is inserted inside the cotton fiber making it flame retardant.

– Why is it different from treated cotton (FR)?

Treated (FR) cotton receives a treatment during the production process that, being superficial, is gradually removed during abrasion and washing.

– The inherent fabric of our garments:

The cotton fiber of our garments, unlike treated cotton, when subjected to a physicochemical treatment provides the flame retardant property that remains active even after exposure to washing and abrasion.