Mountaineering Harness with backrest

Product Description

Warning: available for reference only - sales of this product have been discontinued. However, it has valid certification, and it is possible to continue its use.
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HL005INFPLUS fully adjustable mountaineering harness, in polyester, with 4 connection points, designed to offer the highest level of comfort and safety.
Ideal for mountaineering and rescue, fall arrest and positioning at height.

Dorsal connecting point: Protection against falls
Chest connection point: Fall protection
Lateral connection point: Positioning at height
Belly connection point: Support or suspension

It has 6 adjustments: in the suspender, in the waist, in the legs and 1 adjustment for lumbar comfort height. Stainless steel adjustments. With handles on the sides for accommodating connectors and comfort in the legs and lumbar.

It comes with an impact indicator.
NBR: 15835/ 15836.

HL005INFPLUS Mountaineering Harness:
With backrest comfort on the back.

Download the technical sheet and the CA here