Retractable fall arrest device (20 m)

Product Description

Retractable fall arrest device with 20 meters cable, designed to protect you in any situation and level of risk.

Ideal for jobs with level differences where there is a risk of falling and where horizontal and vertical movement is required. The Technora cable
equipment is indicated for classified areas such as petrochemicals, oil platforms and fuel transporters.

Cable/ Gauge measuring 4.8 mm. It has a class T connector with 360° turn and stress indicator. With cast aluminum case with epoxi painting and stainless steel handle.

It has a cushioning spring, class B connector in the handle, and an internal system to cushion the fall energy.

CA: Combined with the Safety Harness.

Product available in three options:
• HCA200AI fall arrest device: Stainless Steel Handle
• HCA200T fall arrest device: Technora handle

Download the technical sheet and the CA here